Making music

Sitting in a cafe taking a latte.
2 interesting things happened recently, people what a great resource.
Yesterday a guy i know only a little suggested some music i had never heard before from across the mediterrnean. The guy like astor piazolla and was surprised i knew a lot about his music. The world is small. The music he suggested i listen to was deep, profound, powerful. Maybe i will play in a gig sometime but not sure it is so powerful in an emotive way. May do a mix sometime.
Then today someone really close to me suggested a singer that again i had no knowledge of but touched me.
That is for me what music is about, feeling something.
That is why in my sets, all be they are eclectic i try to give something to the people who take the time and trouble to come along and have a great night.
That is why music is so incredible and never ceases to amaze me with its layers, its textures its essence.
Today i pushed out 2 housey mixes, why, just felt the vibe. Now working on a really interesting mix of a new tango track and a deep underground hip hop, trying to find the mix between the soulful violins and a world of deep underground feeling and energy.

play on!!

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