DJ’ing what is it about?

It takes time, effort and energy to improve as a DJ.

Music selection is a very important part of it, but also how you present that music, and mix it together.

I am very passionate about music and dance. I like to find tunes that are different, more obscure as well as tried and tested and above all well liked tracks.

I feel part of the art of being a DJ is to try and create a little mystery, tension in the night. The people coming out to dance, want to do just that have a great time and dance to great music.

It is the role of the DJ to try to provide that entertainment.

This is where learning about the art of being a DJ can be useful, studying how other DJs perform, developing important skills, e.g. beatmatching.  Understanding different ways to mix music, to be able to use cues, loops, sound effects, filters but not let them take away from the essence that is the music. Above all listening widely to a lot of music and then making thoughtful use of the music to give the people a night to remember.

I strive to listen to music every day and develop and build my list of potential tracks i may use in the future.

Understanding and improving your skill with whatever hardware/software you are using also will be to your benefit in delivering a great night for your guests.

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