DJ Neotanguero is a Neotango DJ and the co-founder and resident DJ for 21st Century Tango in Manchester which puts on regular Neotango events. He has done guest Neotango DJ sets in Spain and Germany.

His influences include a wide range of genres including all forms of Electronic Music, Latino, Alternative,  Jazz, Classical including Crossover Classical, House, Progressive and Deep House, Minimal, Techno, Dubstep, Afro Beats, Fado and particularly World Music.

DJ Neo likes to mix across genres and create an energy on the dance floor with builds and transitions, alternating between energy, emotion and power, working the music to entertain and energise the audience.

As well as being a DJ for Neotango, DJ Neo also can DJ across a wide range of genres including electronic, Latino and others. In addition to creating interesting mixes, DJ Neo loves to play with rhythms and sounds and is active in creating and producing his own music with a current focus on electronic music.

As a Neotango DJ Neo is driven by a desire to share his love of music with the people both as a DJ and producing his own music. His aim is to create an atmosphere that is emotional and energetic. To open the world to new thoughts and ideas, ‘a world of freedom’ where the people create their own art through dance.